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We Accept the Kawartha Loon

what is kawartha loon

If you love Peterborough you'll want to know what the Kawartha Loon is and how to use it! To promote local wealth-building efforts of our community, local farming and trading of services, Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) created the Kawartha Loon Exchange and the Kawartha Loon in 2013 to keep money right here in our neighbourhood.

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Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) is a grassroots, volunteer, non-profit organization focused on reducing fossil fuel dependency while increasing local resilience and security of food, water, energy, culture and wellness. Using the sound foundations of our local Peterborough Credit Union as its sole banking agent, TTP can issue Kawartha Loons (KL) on a 10% discount compared to the Canadian Dollar i.e $20 can get you $18 Kawartha Loons. Using your 18 KL, you can purchase goods or services worth 20 Canadian Dollars.

By using the local Peterborough currency you can pay for local goods and services at our local businesses and help do your part to create more local wealth and more local jobs. Even a shift to local Peterborough spending can create a measurable impact in local businesses and reduce our reliance on non-local goods, including out-of-province foods and oil. Access to public and private funding is also improved for our region and keeping wealth in a community is one of the key foundations for creating a community you can rely on and grow together.


Food: Restaurants/Caterers: Nutrition & Wellness:
Castanea Collective Farm Black Honey  Alex Jones Meditation
Chasing the Cheese * Dolce Vita  Angel Hands
Chick-a biddy Acres Dreams of Beans Cafe  Art & Soul Therapy
Circle Organic Community Farm Elmhirst's Resort Restaurant  Black Rock Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine
Cross Wind Farm Food Forest Cafe*  Circle Kung Fu & Tai Chi *
Dan Ledandan Foods Island Cream  Dr Doug's Maximized Living & Chiropractic Centre
Earthworks Eco Gardening Marks Finer Diner  Discover Trager
Epicure: Ind. Consultant T Scott Peterborough Eats  Ecomum
Woolerdale Farm Reggie's Hot Grill  Elderberry Herbals
Green Side Up Farm Sapphire Room  Emotion Code
Herbivore Hills Schubert's Fine Foods  Energy Works
Hunky Dory Smoked Fish Silver Bean Cafe  Greg Ross Massage Practitioner
Kawartha Kettle Corn Stickling's Catering  Hawaiian Healing Touch
Living Landscapes Stuff Cafe Lakefield  Heart Felt
Lunar Rhythm Gardens The Pizza Factory  Hermione Rivision Coaching
Next Millennium Farms The Red Garnet  Holos Wellness Solutions
OtonaBee Apiary The Spill  Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing
Pastry Peddler  Horse Discovery
Purity Hemp Products  Non Profit Organizations:  Humanna Gold
RJ Fresh Produce  Camp Kawartha  Humming Bird Wellness
Sannox Sheep Farm  COIN  Integrated Energy Therapies
Stickling's Bakery All Locations  Endeavour Centre  Kawartha Natural Health Clinic
Sweet Song  For Our Grandchildren  Mettamorphosis Neurotherapy Clinic
Tracker's Drift Farm  George Street United Church  Nest by Heather Jane
Trail Blazers Gourmet Fruit Snacks  Habitat For Humanity  Peterborough Acupuncture
Trees N' Bees  Kawartha Safe Technologies  Peterborough Centre of Naturopathic Medicine
Twin Pine Farm  Lakefield Farmers' Market  Peterborough Living Yoga
Well Grounded Garden  OPIRG  Peterborough Spiritual Centre
Woolerdale Farm  Our Space  Pure Joy Herbal Creations
Gary Beamish Wildcrafting and Guided Fishing  Peterborough Spiritualist Centre  P VN Self Compassion Coaching
 Seeds of Change  Spilchen Wellness Therapies
Marketing Network:  Transition Cavan Monaghan  Therapeutic Touch Works
 Community Greenzine  Transition Skills Forum  Theta Healing Canada
 Dandelion Day Festival  Transition Town Peterborough  360 Wellness Clinic
 Peterborough Chamber of Commerce  Transition Wellness Institute  Vicki Reeve Emotion Code Practitioner
  Kawartha Loon Exchange  Professional Services:  Radical Wisdom Annie Gelford
  Kawartha Loon Marketplaces  Cambium Environmental **  Zeal Wellness
  Purple Onion Festival  DFC Consulting Corp.
  The Millbrook Times*
  The Wire
Retail Locations:
 Adventure Outfitters*  Lakefield  Fires Alive **  P'tula Couture Chapeau
 Anywhere But Here Fashion Freedom  Gems' Gem  ReBoot
 Ba Bar Too Co.  Green Street E Bikes  Renegade Apparel
 Bear Essentials Millbrook  Kane Domes  RESTORE
 Celtic Connection Lakefield  Lester Awnings & Tent Rentals**  Rocky Ridge Drinking Water
 Countryside Art Group  LETS Exchange Markets  Shinning Waters Soap Co.
 Crawford Copy Millbrook  Metamorphus Fashions  Stuff Store Lakefield
 Dan's Appliance Repair  Organized Chaos Creations  Taylors Recycled Plastic Products
Derry O'Byrne Construction *  Peterborough Mitsubishi **  Taylors Country Store
Earth Food Store  Popeye's Supplements*  This Old Flame Beeswax Candles
East City Flower Shop  Peterborough Certified Home Inspection  To Bead or Not to Bead
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Peterborough Mitsubishi is an avid supporter of local Peterborough initiatives and we also accept the Kawartha Loon. You can actually purchase a vehicle from us, using your Kawartha Loons. You can view the complete list of Kawartha Loon supporting business here.

purchase a peterborough mitsubishi vehicle with your kawartha loons