Peterborough Muttsubishi

It would be cliché to say Peterborough Mitsubishi has gone to the dogs because we have the dogs come to us!

Our staff members' pets are members of the Peterborough Mitsubishi family. We not only welcome your dogs into our showroom, we encourage it!

It brightens our day when a customer brings in their pet to meet us during a service appointment, pick up, or a simple visit to the dealership just to say hi. We have no less than 5 different kinds of treats ready for your furry friend.


Molly Anne Choate 
Born May 24, 2009

Molly is a Peterborough native, living in the township of Douro-Dummer. Molly successfully (barely) completed "Puppy School" in September of 2010 (Graduated Summa Cum Dawgae)

  • Likes: Deer antlers and a purple, rubberized squirrel
  • Dislikes: When other dogs receive attention in her presence 
    (she's kinda spoiled). 
  • Favourite Part of The Dealership: The vast selection of treats, and the uber-comfy leather couches.

Vincent "Vinny" Reid
Born Aug 2, 2010

Vinny was born and raised in the Peterborough area, in the township of Cavan Monaghan. Vinny is an only child but does not mind at all he loves being the center of attention.

  • Likes: His doggy, his boomerang, really any type of bone. Vinny likes stuffed toys but destroys them within seconds. Vinny is a monthly subscriber to Bark Box he gets a little package in the mail monthly, including a new toy which usually becomes his favourite until the next box arrives.
  • Dislikes: Hot days, rainy days, and snow days. He does however love working on his puppy tan from the front bay window all year round.
  • Favourite Part of The Dealership: The treat selection, the loving staff (they give him kisses) and, of course, the car ride in.


  • Skills: Really great handshakes!

Sir Bear

  • Likes: Car rides to Peterborough Mitsubishi just to visit but mostly for the treats!
  • Ride: RVR


  • Likes: Car Rides!


  • Likes: Stretching out between the seats and sleeping during long car rides


  • Likes: Driving his truck around Peterborough (Kobe drives, he doesn't do shotgun!)


  • Likes: Going for a ride with her parents. Especially when her 3 other furry siblings are at home!

 Kamryn Barksdale 

My mom drives a Lancer and I love riding in the backseat and visiting my friends at Peterborough Mitsubishi.

  • Likes: Eating, sleeping, playing with my friends, and casual water sports. My favourite toy is a white fluffy chicken THAT SQUEAKS!
  • Dislikes: Babies (sorry not sorry!) and fireworks.
  • FavouriteSaying: "Every bone is a blessing!"

6 year old Border Collie

  • Likes: Driving in his dads' Mitsubishi Endeavor, and eating the seat belts (which is a pretty expensive snack to replace).

4 year old Husky/ Shepard/ Collie Cross

  • Likes: Her new Mitsubishi Lancer and eating oodles of Auntie Sarah's dog treats!

Oscar Warren
Born in 2001

Oscar is a Chihuahua/Cairn Terrier whose parents drive a snazzy, yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse with black stripes! He's one of the fastest dogs in town!

  • Likes: Eating sweet potatoes and playing with all of his balls (don't be a perv). 
  • Fashion Fact: He has lots and lots of ties, and gets upset if he isn't wearing one!

Debbie Stover

I was born on the streets of Los Angeles, California. I got off to a rough start, but then I met my furever family and they brought me to Canada!

  • Likes: I love to run around and beat up on my big brother, Dave. I love to snuggle and I'm really good at digging. I am NOT afraid of a little dirt!

McKenzie Ann Marchment
Born Feb 12, 2009

  • Likes: Driving fast in all kinds of Mitsubishi products with all of the windows down, outrunning any dog who is silly enough to think they are faster than her.
  • Dislikes:  Anyone who comes into her house without acknowledging her first (you should always say hello with a cookie), thunderstorms, and squirrels.
  • Favourite Toy: Her pink and blue Wubbas.

Born in 2012

  • Likes: Going for a walk to the park and sleeping all day.
  • Favourite Food:  Potatoes.
  • Dislikes: Car rides, going to the vet, sleeping on the ground (he likes to sleep on a big comfy bed)
  • Favorite Toy: His hedgehog

Buddy Melburn
Born in Nov 10, 2009

He is a small person in a dogsuit.
Please don't tell him he's actually a Pug Shih Tzu.

  • Likes: Meat... of any kind (he LOVES bacon!)
  • Dislikes: Not having a warm lap to sit on.
  • Favorite Toy: His squeaky raccoon and monkey

8 month old Doodle

He is a super soft and gentle.

  • Likes: Looooves our treats and the comfy couch!

Turnip Bowers
Nearly 5 years old!

  • Likes: Bacon
  • Favourite Toys: Tennis balls
  • Mom's Ride: Mitsubishi Endeavor


  • Likes: Our dog treats, even though he allegedly doesn't eat treats normally
  • Fun Fact: Appeared in his parents' wedding!
  • Mom's Ride: Mitsubishi Lancer



You'll find him over at Jack's Auto body & Collision !

6 years old



  • Likes: Being held by mom
  • Favourite Toys: He doesn't really like to play

[ Our General Manager Peterborough Dan Choate in his natural element ]